On my blog I review both adult and young adult books, though my primary interest is in young adult literature. My reading interests are in the genres of mystery, science fiction, fantasy, young adult general fiction, young adult adventure/fantasy, and young adult paranormal romance. I also occasionally review television shows or movies pertaining to my obsession with Sherlock Holmes. If you have a book that falls into one of these categories and would like me to consider it for review on my blog, please contact me at I also invite you to read about my review policy and rating system, which is described below.

Review Policy

The books I review are acquired a number of different ways. Some are books I own or have purchased. Some are books I have borrowed from my public library or the bookstore at which I am employed. Some are advanced review copies I received through my occupation as bookseller and librarian or from various promotional Web sites.

All of my reviews are for the informational purposes of readers and my fellow workers. I do not receive compensation from publishers, authors, or other bookselling institutions. The reviews reflect my true thoughts and opinions on the given book.

Rating System

I rate books with five criteria in mind: readability, originality, believability, thematic quality, and connectability. For each dimension, the reviewed books receive a starred rating (one to five stars). The books are also given an overall starred rating, which reflects my general impression of the book. For information about my review criteria, please read my blog post, My 5 -ilities: A pseudo-scientific approach to book reviews.

What the Stars Mean

= One of my favorite books ever!

= A very good book. Highly recommended.

= An average book. Recommended.

= Less than average. Recommended to certain audiences.

= Not good. Not recommended.

Reviews on this Blog

Young Adult Books

The Gathering Storm / Bridges  Clockwork Prince / Clare Zero / Leveen

Adult Books

The Thirteen Hallows / Scott

Movies & Television

  Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows (2011)  Sherlock: A Scandal in Belgravia (2012)   

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